Tuesday, 22 November 2016

646-365 Real Exam Questions Answers With Passing Guarantee

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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Pass4sure 646-365 Question Answer

Which one of these actions is the best way to resolve security challenges in borderless networks?

A. Upgrade all existing security products in the network.
B. Identify the vulnerabilities of only newly deployed services.
C. Identify the vulnerabilities of only newly deployed network devices.
D. Migrate to an architectural approach to security.

Answer: D
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Monday, 11 July 2016

Pass4sure 646-365 Question Answer

Which three best describe the Cisco Borderless Network Architecture? (Select three.)

A. Infrastructure and network services are the basis for user services.
B. A Cisco Borderless Network is based on a common network infrastructure.
C. Routers and switches provide transport services and operate at Layer 2 and Layer 3 of the Cisco Borderless Network Architecture.
D. A Cisco Borderless Network Architecture provides borderless network services.
E. User services are not part of the Cisco Borderless Network Architecture.?

Answer: A, B, D                              

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Pass4sure 646-365 Question Answer

Which two statements describe the role of core technologies with regard to business processes?
(Select two.)

A. An end-to-end borderless network architecture builds the foundation for integrating people
and tasks in changing market environments.
B. Operational agility is important for businesses today. A constant, stable core allows IT to
focus on the rapidly changing applications.
C. In order to react to market changes, operations and processes have to be modified as well. The
network infrastructure has to match the changed requirements.
D. Requirements to core technologies are rather static and are therefore independent of market

Answer: A, C

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Pass4sure 646-365 Question Answer

Which of the following statements best describes the strategic importance of the network?

A. The network is most important for internal applications.
B. The network is most important for providing customers with access to company services.
C. The network supports business processes by integrating people and devices with applications.
D. The network integrates internal and external users and their devices.

Answer: C

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Pass4sure 646-365 Question Answer

Which two statements accurately describe the impact of BYOD to the network? (Select two.)

A. TCO is reduced because employees use their privately owned devices.
B. BYOD increases productivity, but IT must find ways to integrate the utilized devices seamlessly with wired as well as wireless networks.
C. BYOD adds the requirement to support multiple operating systems.
D. Corporate users expect the same look and feel when using their own devices.

Answer: B, C                                                   

Which three are main drivers for changing operations? (Select three.)

A. change of market trends
B. change of competition
C. change of application software version
D. change of relative strengths
E. migration of the enterprise network to IPv6
F. migration to Cisco single-vendor networking solution

Answer: A, B, D

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Pass4sure 646-365 Question Answer

Which two statements best describe the challenges that customers have to face when providing
services in a borderless world? (Select two

A. How do you control energy consumption of devices that are owned by employees?
B. How can you support video in the whole network?
C. How can you integrate cloud services seamlessly in your network?
D. Which type of firewall should you deploy?

Answer: B, C

Which statement does not correctly describe the impact of business video applications to the

A. Video applications rapidly increase the traffic within the network.
B. In order to ensure business quality video, video traffic needs to be prioritized.
C. Various devices with different capabilities need to be able to join video conferences.
D. Video conferences reduce the network load by eliminating the need to exchange files over the network in order to share information.

Answer: D